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Karl-Heine-Kanal, Leipzig, Germany

This page is mainly my testing environment for Eloquence_CMS.

But I also use it for showing some pictures or small projects and code snippets.

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iTunes Lyrics Widget for Yosemite's Today View

This widget for OS X 10.10 Yosemite's Today View shows the lyrics of songs playing in iTunes, if there are lyrics embedded into the track.

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In Istanbul with the Rolleiflex

View the whole Album (23 Pictures) →

Amtsfrohnfeste Meißen

Album →

Old Mine's Machinery Hall

More in gallery →

HTML5-Video for Spiegel Online

Replaces Flash video on german newspage Spiegel Online with HTML5. Project page and download →

Because I wanted to play with SQLite and SVG in Python, I wrote a small tool to plot an iPhones SMS database:

Anti-Atomkraftdemo in Leipzig

Mahnwache für die Opfer des Bebens und Tsunamis in Japan und der drohende Katastrophe in Kernkraftwerk Fukushima I. Organisiert von

Den Rest gibt's hier →

Leipzig in Blizzard

The thermometer showed –10°C, but it felt like –20°. More pictures →

Leipzig in blizzard
Leipzig in blizzard
Leipzig in blizzard

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